VAGINAL RENEWAL™ is a program for women who have been told that they have thinning vaginal skin, vaginal dryness, and may be experiencing painful penetration during intimacy or pelvic exams.

THE VAGINAL RENEWAL™ PROGRAM has three parts: Moisturizing, Manual Massage & Vibrating Massage. Ideally, we recommend that you do all three parts of the program daily for the first month, and then do them twice a week, indefinitely. Depending on your circumstances, you might want to continue daily for longer, or you may only periodically need the therapy, with rest periods in between.

FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE FOLLOWED this program, the best results occur when all three parts were done at least two times per week. Sometimes You don't have to do every part, nor follow the program every single day in order to obtain results. All of these activities work to increase moisture and tissue health, so do as often as feels right for you.

Part 1: Moisturizing the Skin of your Vulva and Vagina
Part 2: Massaging Your Vulva
Part 3: Internal Massage Using Vibration

The Process of Menopause
Comfortable Vaginal Penetration
What to do if You Have Pain and/or Bleeding

NOW THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED all three parts of the Vaginal Renewal™ program, go ahead and begin the moisturizing, massage, and vibration to recondition your skin. If possible, start out doing the program once a day. When you reach your own personal goal, you could taper off to every other day, and eventually to twice a week. If you need more information, seek help from us, or from your health care provider.